Because every day deserves to be extraordinary
Because every day deserves to be extraordinary
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Gold and silver engagement and signet rings, in minimal style or with a wealth of details. Find the perfect ring for you.

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Our bracelet collection enables limitless ways of being. Perfect to express an idea or add a touch of style to your look.

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Find the pendant or chain that is the best fit for you, choosing from a vast selection of shapes, sizes and materials.

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Time-only, chronograph or super-slim steel watches, fantastic bracelets that keep time: this is the essence of Zancan watches.

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Keychains, cufflinks and money clips for a touch of class for every occasion – to ensure that you always make an impression.

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Le sentiment de ne pas passer inaperçu. La certitude de porter quelque chose d’unique et de spécial.


Mattia Guadagnini

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  • Company

    This is where Zancan's true masterpieces are born, in Ponte di Nanto, in the Vicenza hills, in a modern structure built around an ancient olive tree that connects Zancan’s atelier to its...

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  • The identity of man

    Each Zancan collection exudes its own individual style. An exclusive look with which to identify yourself. An individuality in which to recognise yourself. Every creation expresses a way of...

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  • Zancan's jewellery collections

    Zancan’s jewellery collections are the result of the perfect mix of authentic artisan techniques and continued investment in modern and avant-garde technologies. A team of selected professionals...

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  • History

    Since its founding, Zancan has never failed to charm with its ability to guarantee perfection. Zancan has always been on a creative journey, embracing trends as they develop and channelling them...

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